Superior pilsner:

brewed with intuition and experience.

Seven generations of brewing experience and intuition come together in Swinckels’. A superior pilsner, brewed with pure mineral water from our own well. To this we add barley malt from our own malthouse, yeast that’s cultivated especially for the Swinkels family and specially selected hops. That’s how we do things; by disregarding convention, trusting our gut feel Discover the outspoken, fresh and refined taste of Swinckels’.


Alcohol percentage

Serve at

Type of beer / soft drink Superior Pilsner
Ingredients Natural mineral water, barley malt, Cascade hop and Polaris hop
Fermentation Low fermentation
Aroma Spicy and fruity
Flavour Hop-like, fruity and spicy
Colour Golden yellow, EBC: 12
Clearness Clear
Bitterness EBU: 22
Texture Light and carbonated
Food suggestions Asian dishes, appetizers with fish, sashimi, Peking duck



With the Swinkels family comes brewing beer. For centuries the two have been inseparable. To this extraordinary story, Swinckels’ adds a new chapter. When the 7th generation Swinkels took over from the 6th, the idea was born to celebrate the transition with a special pilsner, that is worthy of our brewing tradition. We used Cascade hop from the Yakima valley in the United States and Polaris hop from Hallertau. Then we combined these special hops with the yeast  ultivated especially for the family. We felt this would work. A matter of experience and especially intuition. This made Swinckels’ what it is; an outspoken, superior pilsner, with a fresh, refined taste. That’s how we do things; by disregarding convention, trusting our gut feel. Probably the reason we’re the only sizeable brewery in the Netherlands that is still family owned.


Special hops

We use special kinds of hop that together create a pilsner with a well-balanced character. Cascade, from the Yakima Valley in the United States and Polaris from Hallertau in Europe.


Our own barley malt

Our barley malt comes from the Champagne region. Afterwards we process the barley in our own malthouse. This way quality is assured.


Water from our own well

For brewing we use natural mineral water that’s thousands of years old. This makes the water taste both pure and mild.

Brown is better

A brown bottle protects against light and air, making sure Swinckels’ distinct hop flavor stays just as it should be.

Unique shape

The unconventional V-shape in the nape of the bottle underlines the unique character of thsi pilsner.

Special bottom

On the bottom of the glass is an inclusion. This adds to the freshness and makes the foam stable.

Our family crest

After seven generations of brewing the Swinkels family is still in dependent. That calls for a family crest.

Signed and sealed

The development of Swinckels’ has been a personal quest. Now it’s here, we proudly put our name to it.